Authorizations for maritime law enforcement operations

25 September 2017 Dr Rob McLaughlin

Although there are areas of uncertainty and overlap, authorizations for maritime law enforcement operations are beholden to a different regime from that which governs the conduct of armed conflict at sea. This article seeks to briefly describe five regularly employed authorizations for maritime law enforcement operations at sea: flag State consent, agreed pre-authorization, coastal State jurisdiction, UN Security Council resolutions, and the right of visit.

About the author

Dr Rob McLaughlin
UNSW Canberra (Australian Defence Force Academy)

Dr Rob McLaughlin is Professor of Military and Security Law, and Director of the Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict and Society, at UNSW Canberra (Australian Defence Force Academy). Prior to this he served for more than twenty years in the Royal Australian Navy as a Seaman and Legal officer, then as the Head of the UNODC Maritime Crime Program (2012–14), and as an Associate Professor in the College of Law at Australian National University (2012–17).