Book review: The Contours of International Prosecutions: As Defined by Facts, Charges and Jurisdiction

11 April 2017 Sarah Swart

The Contours of International Prosecutions, by Elinor Fry, challenges the reader's understanding of a number of well-known principles of international criminal justice by questioning the outer limits of those principles. Divided into three main parts, the book addresses the typical nature of an international crime, the factual demarcation at the case level (effectively, the micro level), and the jurisdictional reach of the International Criminal Court (ICC) (the macro level of one specific international institution). She takes the reader on a journey through the various stages of a criminal prosecution – from the indictment to the facts to the evidence – in order to demonstrate the importance of "a meticulous stance towards and respect for the basic building blocks that are the essentials of a criminal prosecution".

About the author

Sarah Swart
International Committee of the Red Cross

Regional Legal Advisor at the Pretoria Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross.