Cooperation between truth commissions and the International Committee of the Red Cross

The author explains some criteria determining the appropriate degree of cooperation and shows some forms it can take. He finally discusses the ICRC's policy vis-a-vis the amnesty provisions of truth and reconciliation commissions, which often preclude the prosecution of persons involved in offences committed during periods of violence.

About the authors

Laura M. Olson
Legal Advisor

J.D., LL.M., is currently the legal advisor to the ICRC Regional Delegation for the United States and Canada. Previously, within the ICRC, she held the positions of legal advisor at the ICRC headquarters in Geneva and was the delegate responsible for the program to academic circles and universities at the ICRC Moscow Regional Delegation

Toni Pfanner
Former Editor-in-Chief of the International Review

Dr. Toni Pfanner was the Editor-in-Chief of the International Review of the Red Cross from the beginning of the year 2002 until the end of the year 2010.