Customary International Humanitarian Law: a response to US comments

The views in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the ICRC. This response is based, in part, on Jean-Marie Henckaerts, ''Customary international humanitarian law: a rejoinder to Judge Aldrich'', British Year Book of International Law, 2005, Vol. 76 (2006), pp. 525–32; Jean-Marie Henckaerts, ''The ICRC Customary International Humanitarian Law Study: A rejoinder to Professor Dinstein'', Israel Yearbook on Human Rights, Vol. 37 (2007, pp. 259–270); and ''ICRC's Jean-Marie Henckaerts responds to my comments on ICRC Customary Law Study'', Kenneth Anderson's Law of War and Just War Theory Blog, 24 January 2006.

About the author

Jean-Marie Henckaerts
International Committee of the Red Cross

Jean-Marie Henckaerts is Legal Adviser in the Legal Division of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Head of the project to update the Commentaries on the 1949 Geneva Conventions and the Additional Protocols of 1977.