Focusing the debate on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons: An Indian perspective

The participation of nuclear India in the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons conferences has generated curiosity in the global community. The world is bewildered to know that India simultaneously possesses nuclear weapons and participates in the humanitarian impact initiative. Even observers of the humanitarian impact movement often wonder what contribution India makes to the movement. Some historical insight into India's nuclear policy solves the puzzle. The humanitarian impact aspect of the nuclear debate has been an ingredient in India's policy because of India's strategic culture. The components of the Humanitarian Pledge are echoed in India's nuclear policy, and India maintains that a world without nuclear weapons will be more secure.

About the author

Rajiv Nayan
Senior Research Associate

Dr Rajiv Nayan is a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. He is a specialist on issues relating to weapons of mass destruction and the conventional weapons trade.