Human Rights in Armed Conflict: Law, Practice, Policy

There seems to be no doubt about the application of human rights in armed conflicts, but until now, how they are applied had been only partially explored. In Human Rights in Armed Conflict, Gerd Oberleitner offers a meticulous analysis and asks profound questions about the "purpose, nature and scope of the whole jus in bello". Indeed, the book's main hypothesis is that human rights impact upon and are gradually changing the jus in bello as we know it. This issue, however, is not merely a matter of legal theory, but a confrontation between advocates of a human rights-oriented law enforcement paradigm and advocates of a security-oriented armed conflict paradigm.

About the author

Ezequiel Heffes
Geneva Call

Thematic Legal Adviser, Geneva Call; LLM, Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights; Lawyer, University of Buenos Aires School of Law.