Humanitarian care and small things in dehumanised places

31 December 2012 Paul Bouvier

Small things, just like a cup of coffee, pictures of flowers, animals, and landscapes, or a few drops of perfume. Very small things indeed, so derisory that they rarely dare to appear in reports, accounts, and media articles on humanitarian action in the field. Yet, such small things sometimes represent a substantial part, and perhaps a most meaningful one, of the activity of the ICRC' personnel in the field in the midst of armed conflicts and violence.

About the author

Paul Bouvier
Senior Medical Adviser for the ICRC

Paul Bouvier is Senior Medical Adviser for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and Lecturer at the Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva. He is a medical doctor with specialization in pediatrics and public health. He has carried out research on child sexual abuse and developed programs for the prevention of sexual abuse. His work at the ICRC focuses on health and ethical issues in humanitarian action, as well as training humanitarian professionals in public health and ethical principles to respond to crises and armed conflicts.