From a model of peace to a model of conflict: The effect of architectural modernization on the Syrian urban and social make-up

From a land called the "Cradle of Civilizations" to one that is now described as "apocalyptic" and "one of the most dangerous places on Earth", Syria may have no more critical moment than the current crisis to reflect on what is taking it down this terrifyingly dark path. We resort to history in order to decipher the mysteries of the present, and there is no more honest and direct history than that of the built environment: a concrete object that tells the narratives not only of the winners, the wealthy and the powerful, but also of those who were brushed aside, cut apart and walked over.

About the author

Marwa Al-Sabouni
Architect and author

Marwa Al-Sabouni is a Syrian architect based in Homs. She holds a PhD in architectural design and is the author of the critically acclaimed book The Battle for Home. Her work has been published in many prestigious international outlets and journals, and she was listed by Architectural Digest as one of the top contenders for the 2018 Pritzker Prize. She is a Prince Claus Laureate, and has also taken part as a speaker in various distinguished international platforms around the world.