Reflections on a dissemination operation in Burundi - Declaration for standards of humanitarian conduct: Appeal for a minimum of humanity in a situation of internal violence

This paper is dedicated to the memory of Benoît and Stanislas, Burundian friends who were working on this dissemination project.
The idea of the dissemination project described in the present article first came up at the end of 1993, when what is known as inter ethnic violence broke out in Burundi following the attempted coup of October 1993 and the assassination of President Ndadaye together with a number of other leading figures.

About the authors

Édith Baeriswyl
Head of the Youth Sector of the ICRC’s Division for the Promotion of International Humanitarian Law

After 20 years’ experience in teaching and educational research, she carried out several assignments as an ICRC delegate, mostly in Africa.

Alain Aeschlimann

Alain Aeschlimann is the head of the Central Tracing Agency and Protection Division of the International Committee of the Red Cross