What’s new on How does law protect in war? Online: Annual update on case studies published from January to December 2017

07 May 2018

How Does Law Protect in War? Online is a platform adapted from the original reference Casebook published by the ICRC. It was originally intended to support teaching of international humanitarian law (IHL) in universities in an interactive way, based on contemporary practice. The section on "The Law" features a general outline presenting IHL in fourteen chapters. It contains comprehensive bibliographic resources and links each theme to a range of related case studies and documents. The section on "The Practice" comprises more than 300 case studies and documents regrouped by theme, region or type of document. They allow practice-oriented learning of IHL rules and interactive discussions through a series of questions. The "Pedagogical Resources" section provides useful advice on how to teach IHL, as well as twenty-nine model course outlines and other useful resources. The "A to Z" section presents 422 notions linked to IHL, their legal sources, the case studies where they are addressed, and bibliographic resources for delving further into those notions. A search engine allows users to find rapidly the relevant pedagogical material they need on the platform.