RedSafe — Security tips

We made RedSafe as safe as possible to protect your personal data, but the safety of your account, documents and information also depends on you.

To protect your account
- Use long passwords (more than 12 characters) and difficult to guess. You can use a sentence (passphrase) or mix words with numbers.
- Do not use the same password for all accounts and change passwords from time to time.
- Do not share your account and your passwords; they are like keys to your private home.
- If you cannot remember them, save your passwords in a secure place.
- If you use the computer/phone of somebody else or in an internet café, do not save your password and user name in the internet browser. Remember to clean up your browser history.

To protect your contacts and information
- Share information about yourself and your contacts only with people you know and trust.
- Do not accept invitations from people you do not know.
- Do not click on suspicious links.
- Avoid social media, internet cafés or using public WIFI when you write or share sensitive information.
- Only authorize access to your contacts to apps that you trust.
- In RedSafe, we will use your contacts only to provide you with a humanitarian service.

To use geolocation services safely
- Authorize access to your geolocation only to apps that you trust.
- In RedSafe, your geolocation is not shared with third parties and is used only to provide you with a humanitarian service. Geolocation is required for you to locate humanitarian services on a map, to receive ICRC alerts and to enable the ICRC to ascertain your fate if you go missing and to provide assistance if possible.

In case of danger, if you are worried that your phone/computer will be taken from you
- Reformat your phone or computer to delete all data.
- Or delete your most sensitive data and also the apps (such as RedSafe, Facebook and What's app) which contain personal information and messages.

If you share your phone or computer
- Log off from your RedSafe account, but also from other apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

If you sell your phone or computer
- Re-format your phone/computer to delete everything.