Ukraine Emergency Appeal

Ukraine Emergency Appeal

ICRC Ukraine Emergency Appeal

After a year of devastating conflict in eastern Ukraine, millions have been left needing urgent help.

The scale of destruction is immense. At least 6,000 people have been killed and around 2 million people have been forced to leave their homes. Those who return often find their homes destroyed.

The fragile ceasefire now in place is allowing our teams to access the front line. We are working hard to distribute food, water, medicine, and shelter to families who are in desperate need.

But there is so much more to do. With your help we can continue delivering life-saving aid.

Please give a gift of hope today

50 francs
can give 10 blankets to families whose homes have been destroyed by the conflict.
100 francs
can provide 10 hygiene kits to help people who have lost everything.
150 francs
can help feed 2 hungry families for 1 month.