Armed Forces and Security (FAS) Delegate

21 October 2020 Ref: The FAS Delegate contributes to developing and implementing the Delegation`s strategies and operational dialogue with arms carriers

Brussels is home to the main institutions of the European Union (EU) – the Council of the EU, the European External Action Service (EEAS), the European Commission, the European Parliament – and to the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The ICRC delegation in Brussels aims to make the ICRC's mandate better known, to mobilize political, diplomatic and financial support for its activities and to ensure that relevant political and military decisionmakers in Western Europe view the ICRC as the main reference point for neutral and independent humanitarian action, as well as for International Humanitarian Law.

The FAS Delegate contributes to developing and implementing the Delegation's strategies and operational dialogue with arms carriers, with respect to acceptance of the ICRC's mandate and operations, the promotion, integration and implementation of international humanitarian law (IHL)/international human rights law (IHRL) and other legal standards, and protection objectives. The FAS Delegate's essential role is to be the Head of Delegation's advisor for military affairs and the primary responder for all NATO, EU(MS), and associated European Armed Forces' military affairs issues. The Delegate also implements the plan for disseminations at military exercises, trainings and educational events, and contributes to the promotion of thematic issues, on behalf of the Brussels Delegation.

Functional Responsibilities:
The FAS Delegate reports to the Head of Delegation. ▪ The geographical area to be covered is that of the Brussels Delegation: this means the 29 countries of NATO and the 28 countries of the EU and any countries in which these forces are deployed. Partner nations of NATO and the EU could also be included in the geographical scope on a case by case basis. ▪ The FAS Delegate is responsible for the annual and long-term planning of the entire FAS and military affairs files. This includes the preparation and monitoring of the budget plus the associated quarterly and annual reporting for the budget. ▪ The FAS Delegate also has responsibility for the following activities, in conjunction with the second FAS Delegate: Training, Education and Exercises: o Provide internal training to assist understanding of arms carriers as required. o Participate in selected exercises, education or training events organised by Military and Armed Group (MAG), to portray the ICRC, inform and educate on relevant issues and promote IHL.
o Conduct pre-deployment briefings with relevant MAG units relaying essential messages from the deployment destination delegations. o Implement and adjust, if and when necessary, the ICRC-ACT-ACO Memorandum of Understanding and related Engagement Plan and annual Action Plan. Reports, Projects and Analysis: o Identify and develop a network of contacts and maintains an up-to-date mapping of the military target groups. o Advise on humanitarian implications of military operations and use of force. o Collaborate in the preparation of interventions, in particular those linked to the conduct of hostilities. o Manage correspondence received by FAS office both within ICRC and from interlocutors; o Contribute to various FAS and Delegation reports (quarterly report); o Maintain an up to date and accessible filing system for key documents; o Project manager for assigned FAS BRU events or projects. o Attends FAS meetings and conferences, when directed.

Certification & personal skills:  Be a military graduate of a senior military Staff College.  Fluent English and preferably French; additional language(s) an advantage.  Ability to analyse situations in a logical manner, understand difficulties and suggest solutions.  Good understanding of international humanitarian law.  Whilst military experience is essential, the candidates must display and prove good knowledge of detailed military structures, planning, operations, and military training, education and exercise processes.  The individual must be able to present with confidence and to very high standards at lectures, meetings, seminars and other venues to very senior military Commanders, as well as to Staff Officers at Strategic, Operational and Tactical Level Headquarters.  Proven office and computer skills; ability to use Windows and Office to a high proficiency.  Able to comply with ICRC principles and be free of obligations to other, or former employers, authorities or groups who engage with the ICRC.

Professional Experience Required:  Former mid to senior military officer, ideally Lt Col to Col or equivalent, with min 15 years professional experience  Significant experience in planning and conduct of operations, preferably at joint level, and a minimum of one year deployed on operations in a conflict area  The FAS Delegate position will require travels and periods of work outside of normal hours and at week-ends.

Additional information:
Work Rate: Full Time Starting date: February 2021 (subject to change according to the Covid 19 situation) Location: Brussels Job Level: C1 Status: Resident under Belgian legislation Application deadline: 23/11/2020
To apply for this position, please send your resume and a cover letter by email to:

The ICRC values diversity and is committed to create an inclusive working environment. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates.