Missing Adviser – Caracas

18 November 2021

The Missing Adviser carries out multidisciplinary activities to address the issue of missing people – which involve elements of protection data, economic security, forensics, mental health and psychosocial support, and legal considerations – in line with the objectives and strategies set out by the delegation.

• Support the efforts of the Delegation in Venezuela towards the design of a Missing strategy in order to contribute to the prevention and regulation of the response to disappearances due to violence.

• Support the Department of Protection and the field (sub-delegations) for the implementation of the ICRC's objectives, related to the problem of disappeared persons and their families (internal lines of action related to the issue of disappearance, mechanisms, procedures, legislation and organizations and support institutions in these problems).

• Participate in the analysis, formulation and monitoring of proposals and budget, as well as the annual action plan of the Delegation in the face of the Missing problem.

• Serve as a focal point for the ICRC's accompaniment / response to the needs of the families of disappeared persons, as well as the ICRC's support to strengthen their capacities.

• In coordination with the field teams and the other departments, promote cases of disappeared persons at the Caracas level, both against the entities concerned and responsible, as well as against relevant NGOs and international organizations.

• In coordination with the field teams and the other departments, advise the orientation and accompaniment processes to the relatives; in relation to the processes of search, comprehensive reparation, truth and justice, undertaken by the next of kin before the institutions / organizations concerned.

• Support the field (PROT Teams and Management in general) in the preparation of local action plans and contextualized within the problem of missing persons and their families, to respond to the needs of families.

• Participate in guiding the ICRC's response, through the development of strategies and tools, in relation to the needs of the families of disappeared persons and their relatives - economic, legal, psychosocial, memory needs, among others.

• Lead and develop strategies for the formation, strengthening and / or consolidation of support, guidance and accompaniment networks for relatives of disappeared persons, which guarantee an adequate response to their needs. -Economic, legal, psychosocial, memory needs, among others.

• Accompany the execution of said strategies, in coordination with the field, the institutions, families, organizations concerned, based on activities developed under adequate pedagogical resources;

• Facilitate the organization and development of various activities (seminars, workshops, courses, talks) to strengthen local capacities (both internally within the ICRC and externally), aimed at achieving a better response to the relatives of disappeared persons, as well as the improvement of search and recovery processes, identification and dignified delivery of human remains.

• Actively promote before the authorities and other concerned actors, international standards -as well as the ICRC-, follow-up reports, protocols and relevant guidelines in Missing matters (process of search, recovery, analysis, identification, dignified delivery, assistance, attention and reparation family members and psychosocial support).

• Work with the relevant Departments to develop strategies and action plans that strengthen the orientation processes for families of disappeared persons in relation to their psychosocial and economic needs.

• Carry out national follow-up, promote and support the development of the sessions of the Inter-institutional Support Tables for Families of Missing Persons existing in the country.

• Strengthen and maintain the network of contacts and interlocutors immersed in the problem of the disappeared.

• Professional in social sciences (Social Work, Psychology or Social Anthropology) or related.
• Accredited Postgraduate Studies
• Minimum professional experience of 5 years in social or humanitarian work with victims (of other situations of violence) at the individual, family and community level, and with civil society organizations.
• Experience and very good knowledge of the skills and social programs of state institutions at the local, regional and national levels, as well as the routes of care for victims of the conflict or other situations of violence (search for missing persons, assistance ), care and repair, psychosocial care, among others).
• Good knowledge of the programs in the humanitarian field of the NGOs and international organizations that operate in Venezuela.
• Knowledge of the problem of the disappearance of people due to situations of violence.
• MS Office domain (Excel, Word, Power Point).
• Languages: Spanish (mother tongue); intermediate to good level of English.

Working conditions: Competitive labor benefits. Opportunity to contribute with a humanitarian organization.
Workplace: Caracas (*Especially for residents in Venezuela)
To apply: Those interested are invited to submit their CV and a one-page motivation letter, to the email: caa_recruitment_services@icrc.org.
Please indicate in the reference / subject: Selection Process to the Missing Adviser post (Caracas). Send documents no later than November 30, 2021.