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A note from the Editor

31-12-2000 Article, International Review of the Red Cross, No. 840

The December issue of the Review includes articles on matters as disparate as the protection of water supplies under international humanitarian law and the ambiguous relationship between guerrilla forces and humanitarian activity. This diversity is deliberate: our journal aims to cover the widest possible range of subjects related to humanitarian law and action.

Several articles deal with highly topical issues. Two of them discuss the conclusions reached by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia regarding the possibility of prosecutions in connection with the NATO bombing campaign during the Kosovo conflict. The report is of great practical significance; it will influence the interpretation of some of the key rules governing the conduct of military operations and should therefore be subjected to academic review as a matter of urgency. The Review does not, however, express any opinion on the issues raised.

Other contributions look at more general questions and matters that have been under discussion for some time, such as international criminal law and the Statute of the International Criminal Court. The article on multinational peace-support operations highlights the importance of training United Nations forces in international humanitarian law. The contribution on fundamental standards of humanity reminds us of a project that should certainly not be forgotten, while anyone interested in the organization and structure of the Movement will want to read the report on the legal status of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Back in 1999 there was a change in the form of the Review, and as a result we had to limit the languages used to English and French. However, it was decided that we would publish an annual selection of articles in Arabic, Russian and Spanish. A selection in Spanish is now available (see the advertisement at the end of this issue). Extracts in Arabic and Russian will follow.

The full texts of all articles and other contributions are also available on the Web, at http://www.icrc.org/eng/review . We hope this will make the Review accessible to as wide a readership as possible.

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