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Weapon contamination in Iraq

17-01-2011 Film Ref. CR-F-01073w1

Long after the last shot is fired, unexploded munitions continue to kill and maim. An estimated 25 million explosive remnants of war and landmines pollute Iraq. People cannot move forward with life when access to firewood, water and other basic essentials is blocked. Across the world, each new conflict adds to the deadly legacy of weapon contamination. Clearing land of bombs is the best way to allow people to live their lives in safety. ICRC experts recently destroyed unexploded munitions in Iraq's Missan governorate, freeing a population of 10,000 from the fear of death and injury.

  • Copyright: ICRC
  • Release year: 2011
  • Production locations: Iraq
  • Running time: 2 min.
  • Languages available: English
  • Reference: CR-F-01073w1