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Pledges and guidelines


30th International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Geneva, 26 to 30 November 2007. During the International Conference the participants - whether they be National Red Cross Red Crescent Societies, representatives of the States, the ICRC, the International Federation or observers – were invited to sign voluntarily either individual or joint specific humanitarian commitments for the period 2008 to 2011 in the form of pledges.

This year’s slogan for the Conference is “Together for Humanity” and the participants were encouraged to sign partnership pledges.

In addition to the pledges initiated by participants, a number of model pledges were submitted for consideration prior to and during the Conference. Every participant had the possibility to take sponsorship of any of those model pledges.

 A Pledge:  

  • must be related to the objectives and issues raised at the Conference
  • must preferably promote humanitarian partnerships between the participants involving shared goals.
  • should be action-oriented, specific and indicate in measurable terms the objective to be reached in the period 2008-2011
  • should be short (max. 10 lines)

All pledges and model pledges are available on the Web page of the 30th International Conference of the ICRC website .

All the pledges were announced at the closing ceremony of the International Conference on 30 November and a follow-up report will be submitted to the next International Conference in 2011.

Participants can continue to lodge pledges after the Conference by sending to the ICRC or the International Federation the pledge registration form.

Please see the guidelines for pledging and the pledge registration form :


    pdf file   Guidelines for pledging    (147kb)  
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