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Afghanistan: emergency relief

16-08-1995 News Release 33

On 4 and 5 August, an ICRC team based in Herat carried out a survey in Badghis province, where fighting had intensified between the forces of Ismail Khan and General Dostom's Jumbesh party. The team estimated that 4,000 families, or about 20,000 persons, had been forced out of their homes in the town of Morghab and taken refuge in Qala-I-Now and the

surrounding villages. Many of them had to abandon everything but what they were wearing. After walking for three to four days in hot weather, the victims were suffering from exhaustion and dehydration.

On 4 August, ICRC delegates and members of the Afghan Red Crescent Society brought jerrycans to Qala-I-Now and filled them with drinking water for the newly arrived. On 11 August, after a two-day journey, a convoy carrying 500 kitchen sets and 150 tonnes of wheat flour, rice, beans, oil, salt, sugar and tea arrived in Qala-I-Now from Herat. An initial round of food distributions was scheduled to start on 13 August.