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Southern Sudan: Influx at Lokichikio hospital

01-10-1998 News Release 98/39

Several dozen new casualties are being admitted every week to the ICRC's surgical hospital in Lokichokio, northern Kenya. Last week, patients suffering from gunshot wounds were brought to the facility from 21 locations in southern Sudan. So far this year, the hospital has treated 1,280 people.

Because there are virtually no health-care facilities left in southern Sudan after 16 years of war and owing to the scarcity of medical care in the region around Lokichokio, the ICRC hospital also admits pregnant women, people bitten by snakes and crocodiles, and accident victims.

In addition to providing surgical services, the ICRC runs a limb-fitting centre which produces over 250 artificial limbs a year and provides basic instruction in medical care to its patients, who put their knowledge to use when they return home.