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Diplomatic conference on additional emblem postponed


On 12 October the Swiss government informed the ICRC and the International Federation that it had decided to postpone the diplomatic conference on the emblem until early 2001. The prospects for a successful diplomatic conference were good until a change occured in the international climate as a result of events in the Middle East. The priority for both the Movement and the Swiss authorities is to make sure the conditions are right for the states party to the Geneva Conventions to adopt the draft 3rd protocol creating an additional emblem.

Despite the delay in holding the conference, confidence remains high in Geneva that a successful outcome will be achieved when the conference is convened early next year. This optimism is based on the substantial progress that has already been made on the text of the draft protocol. The text reflects wide consensus on essential principles, including the creation of an additional emblem and the importance of the universality of the Movement.

The clear commitment of the Movement's leadership to find a solution as quickly as possible remains as strong as ever. The progress in discussions with governments made during 2000 encouraged the conviction that a solution to emblem problems could be found by the end of this year. With the Swiss government's firm commitment to continue active consultations with the states party to the Geneva Conventions, there is confidence that the draft protocol will now be adopted in 2001.

Meanwhile the revised version of the draft 3rd protocol will be sent to states and National Societies. It will form the basis for the ongoing consultations, particularly on the use and form of the additional emb lem.

The postponement of the diplomatic conference will also probably mean the postponement of the 28th International Conference planned for 14 November. This had been called to revise the statutes of the Movement in the light of the 3rd additional protocol to the Geneva Conventions. A decision on this will be taken by the Standing Commission in the coming days.

e-letter emblem update no. 5

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