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Emergency action of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement for the North Caucasus and the South of Russia (December 2001)

31-12-2001 Operational Update


Humanitarian organisations were warned of new security risk inside Chechnya, the ICRC accordingly reduced the expatriates movements inside the small Republic. The ICRC delegates could visit only two places of detention in December. However, the national staff without major difficulties were able to further implement the ICRC/RRC assistance operations (medical, food, non-food, and watsan programs covering up to 60,000 beneficiaries in December).

An ad hoc winter program has been launched in Chechnya and Daghestan. Stoves (522), plastic sheeting (6,184 m 2 ), blankets (2375) and kitchen sets (272) have been distributed to IDPs (2.500) as well as to special institutions, hospitals and schools (a total of 30).

Landmine and unexploded ordnance (UXO) presence in Chechnya remain a constant threat for the civilian population, especially the children.

Over the last two years, focusing on the potential victims, the Chechen IDP's and the residential population in Chechnya, the ICRC has developed a Mine Awareness program which aims at informing them of the landmine and UXO dangers and at teaching them some basic rules of behaviour in order to limit the risk of accident.

Children, in Chechnya and in Ingush IDP camps, have been specifically targeted with the launching of a puppet show as well as a “child to child” program which aims at teaching them to convey to other children information about danger of mines and about ways to avoid them. A similar progra m has also been developed for teenagers.

In December, a new ICRC brochure designed for a large public distribution, informing on the danger of landmines has been published and its distribution initiated. This booklet completes the two existing ICRC publications targeting so far the children: a comic book based on the puppet show named, “Trying to find the Magic Water”, and a game sheet, named “Find the Safest Way”.

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