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Armenia : New literature handbook for schoolchildren

08-11-2002 News Release 02/45

A new literature handbook entitled Man for Man and the teacher's guide that goes along with it, both produced by the ICRC, have just come off the printing press.

Armenian seventh-graders (ages 12 and 13) will now be able to learn about the basic rules of international humanitarian law in their literature classes.

The team of authors hired by the ICRC to put the handbook together gave an initial lesson to pupils and teachers of Anania Chirakatsi high school, in Yerevan, and the Armenian Red Cross instructors who are helping to disseminate the handbook. Using new interactive methods, Man for Man draws parallels between various literary works and humanitarian law. The first lesson gave rise to lively discussions, showing how interested the young teenagers were in the subject matter – in this particular case human relations in places of detention – and leaving the teachers fully convinced about the quality of the teaching material.


 Man for Man has the same teaching aims as My Little Planet, a handbook published in 1996 for fifth-graders.