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Paraguay: ICRC visits people detained after abortive coup

31-05-2000 News Release 00/20

In a measure ratified by congress following the attempted military coup d’Etat on 19 May, the government of Paraguay declared a 30-day state of emergency. It also arrested more than 100 people – both military and civilian – suspected of involvement in the coup. On 29 May, the regional delegate for southern South America and a medical delegate began visits to the detainees, who are being held at 12 military and police locations. The ICRC last visited places of detention in Paraguay in 1989.

The regional delegate had already travelled to Asunción on 25 May to assess the situation. While there, he held talks with the Interior, Defence and Justice Ministers and with senior officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Assurances were given to the ICRC that its visits to places of detention could be carried out in accordance with its standard procedures.