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Democratic Republic of the Congo : Relief for isolated groups

24-10-2002 News Release 02/43

The residents of Kisele, Mwema and Kintya, in the Mitwaba area of Katanga province, have long been isolated by the conflict and are suffering the effects.

The ICRC has therefore distributed seed for food crops to enable them to resume agricultural production and tide the population over until trade links can be restored.

Over the past two months, 5,380 families (totalling some 30,000 individuals) have each received a kit consisting of 10 kg of seed, a hoe, a cooking pot, a bar of soap, two blankets and clothing for adults and children. In addition, the schools in the three localities have received vegetable seed and tools with which to work the fields. Two mills have also been set up in Mitwaba and Kisele so that maize and cassava flour can be ground locally. Seven local Red Cross branches have received shovels, picks, machetes, axes and files with which to repair roads and bridges.

The operation is aimed at helping the people concerned make a fresh start after four years of conflict. It will give them the support they need to progress towards food security and general economic self-sufficiency.

Over the years, the ICRC has unfailingly come to the aid of civilians affected by the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2001, for example, some 275,000 people received basic necessities, farming tools and seed.

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