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Humanitarian village


31st International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Geneva, 28 November to 1 December 2011.

During the International Conference, delegates will have the opportunity to learn more about Movements actors and their programmes, dialogue with each other and exchange ideas in the humanitarian village. This village will be in the ICCG (the Conference centre).

RedTalk and Speakers’ corner

A small stage and seating area will be set up on the main entrance floor of the conference centre. At  the Speakers’ corner participants can deliver a public speech on a relevant topic, as well as debate and discuss the issue with other participants. Each speaker will be given a fifteen minute timeslot for  a presentation, including Q&A. Talks will be recorded and selected footage may be used to produce a video. Any participant can register for the Speakers’ corner by filling in this registration form. In addition to these individual  presentations, a 45 minute RedTalk event per day will feature in-house and external experts speaking about critical humanitarian and development issues in an interview style conversation with a host. Each RedTalk will be broadcast live over the internet for viewers to watch and participate during the questions and answers session.  RedTalk guest speakers can be nominated by sending an email to redtalk@ifrc.org.

Exhibition stands from National Societies and other organizations

National Societies and participating organizations at the International Conference are invited to have an exhibition stand at  the lower level of the conference centre. Approximately 25 exhibition stands will be available.  If you  are interested in a stand, please fill in this form.

ICRC Health Care in Danger exhibit

ICRC has launched the Health Care in Danger global initiative to improve the safety and delivery of effective and impartial health care. The ICRC encourages Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies to help mobilize international support and influence concerned stakeholders on this issue. It is also  a major topic at the International Conference and in the external communications.  In order to increase understanding of the issue among National Societies and government representatives, as well as to complement the official conference programme in a more interactive way, a Health Care in Danger exhibit will be located on the ground floor of the CICG.

IFRC volunteering exhibit

The exhibit will feature personal volunteer stories and examples of how better protection, promotion and recognition of volunteers has created more effective structures for volunteer service and community resilience in various contexts. The exhibit on the main floor, will offer advocacy tools that National Societies can deploy in their regions, and relevant information for government representatives. For more information please contact Oscar Zuluaga via email or telephone +41.22.730.4621.

Development lounge

The combined ability of National Societies to provide services is the main strength of the International Federation and, indeed, the whole Movement. The Development lounge will enable participants to learn more about practical methods available to National Societies for their self-development, including information on the accelerating uptake of these tools. Through an interactive approach, participants will be given a tour of the interlinked methods available to them clustered around key questions that the National Society should ask itself as part of its development:

  • “Who are we and what do we do?”: The Federation-wide Databank & Reporting System
  • “How well do we do it?”: The Organisational Capacity Assessment and Certification process
  • “How can we do better?”: The Red Cross Red Crescent Learning Network
  • “How can we reach further?” Bridging the Digital Divide

The layout of the Development lounge will allow for individuals and small groups to view presentations on building strong National Societies through a computer terminal, and engage in conversation with on-site resource people. Throughout the meeting period, the IFRC online Learning platform will  be accessible for participants to browse through courses of interest and register for a user account on the platform (if they are not already registered). Find further details and information on how to participate in the Development lounge here.