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Law relative to the protection of designations, signs and emblems of the red cross, 1956
Loi du 4 juillet 1956 relative à la protection des dénominations, signes et emblèmes de la Croix-Rouge

Official French text from the Moniteur belge, 11 July 1956, p. 4617, http://www3.dekamer.be/digidoc/DPS/K3159/K31592027/K31592027.PDF  (last accessed on 15.05.2013)

The law of 4 July 1956 prohibits any use of the designations, signs and emblems of the red cross and red crescent in violation which violates the relevant international conventions. It also prohibits the use of designations, signs and emblems that may give rise to confusion with the protected ones. More severe penalties are provided for in the event of misuse in wartime.

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