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Law on the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 21 October 2004
Zakon o Društvu crvenog krsta/križa Bosne i Hercegovine [21.10.2004.]

Abrogates : Uredbu sa zakonskom snagom o položaju i ovlaštenjima Crvenog krsta - Crvenog križa Bosne i Hercegovine [10.11.1992.]
Službeni glasnik Bosne i Hercegovine Broj 49, 3. novembra / studenoga 2004., str. 5124-5130

This Law establishes the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina and regulates its legal status, structure, competence and other related matters, and allows for the use by the National Society of the Red Cross emblem.
The National Society has legal personality and is the only National Red Cross Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina is entrusted with supervising the work of the National Society.
This Law abolishes the Law on the Status and Authorities of the Red Cross of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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