Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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Part II : Application of general principles #I. Hostilities #A. Rules of conduct with regard to individuals #(b) Means of injuring the enemy - Art. 8.
    ' As the struggle must be honourable (Article 4), '

    Art. 8. It is forbidden:
    (a) To make use of poison, in any form whatever;
    (b) To make treacherous attempts upon the life of an enemy; as, for example, by keeping assassins in pay or by feigning to surrender;
    (c) To attack an enemy while concealing the distinctive signs of an armed force;
    (d) To make improper use of the national flag, military insignia or uniform of the enemy, of the flag of truce and of the protective signs prescribed by the ' Geneva Convention ' (Articles 17 and 40).

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