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Gaza is powerless

People in Gaza only have 10-12 hours of interrupted power supply a day, affecting all walks of life.
Electricity is not the only unreliable service in Gaza. It is a foundation on which other services depend, such as water supply, water treatment, and health services.

All these systems are interconnected, and when one fails, life is disrupted in other related aspects as well. The latest escalation has further damaged water, wastewater, and electricity networks, making it extremely hard for Gazans to lead a normal life.

On top of the daily challenges, the lack of electricity profoundly impacts people's health and mental wellbeing. 80% of the population in Gaza rely on humanitarian aid and have to spend most of their time without electricity.

The Gaza Resilience Program ensures that hostilities do not prevent people's access to critical and essential services such as continued functioning of hospital electricity, reduced interruption of water supply, and minimizing electricity waste through improved management of electricity distribution.


The Gaza Resilience Program is one of many programs through which the ICRC supports victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence. We are an impartial, neutral and independent organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of affected populations and to provide them with assistance.

Your donation will help alleviate the suffering of conflict victims worldwide and is a source of encouragement to the ICRC in Geneva and its delegates in the field.