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A regular donation enables us to rapidly swing into action in crisis situations and deliver aid where it is needed most. Thank you!

We process your personal data in accordance with our fundraising Data Protection Notice.

Your first monthly donation will be made today, and then on or just after the 25th of subsequent months. Your gift will not be made more than once a month.

Donate now

Your donation could give a child access to life-saving medical care or rehabilitation services to give them back the childhood they deserve.

One that's separate from wartime.

Here is what your donation could mean to these children:

  • With 70 Francs you could provide seven hours of physiotherapy for a child
  • With 120 Francs you can protect 39 children against deadly but preventable diseases for four months
  • With 200 Francs you can give a food parcel covering the needs of a child and his family for four months