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A regular donation enables us to rapidly swing into action in crisis situations and deliver aid where it is needed most. Thank you!

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Your first monthly donation will be made today, and then on or just after the 25th of subsequent months. Your gift will not be made more than once a month.
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Families in Syria need you

After twelve long years of devasting war in Syria, the need for emergency assistance is at an all-time high. Thousands have been displaced from their homes and are struggling to survive. Half of the health facilities are destroyed. Families and children need essential supplies, food, shelter and medicines. More than ever, they need you.

Funding for humanitarian action in Syria is critically low, and the impacts of the recent quakes will worsen the situation for families in dire need of your help. The ICRC has been assisting and protecting people affected by the conflict since 1967 and will continue its vital work for as long as needs be.

How your donation will help people in Syria today and beyond:

The International Committee of the Red Cross and its partners in the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the IFRC and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) are among the few organizations responding to the needs of the people in Syria.

Today your donation can make a difference for the most vulnerable. Consider making a donation to the ICRC so that our teams can respond to the urgent needs of the Syrian population.