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A regular donation enables us to rapidly swing into action in crisis situations and deliver aid where it is needed most. Thank you!

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Vontobel supports the ICRC's Ukraine response

It is hard to exaggerate the toll that the international armed conflict in Ukraine has had on civilians in recent months, on top of eight years of grinding conflict in Donbas. Civilians have been killed and injured. Millions of people have poured into neighbouring countries to seek safety. Others have lived much of the last months underground seeking shelter from bombs. Homes, schools, hospitals, and other critical civilian infrastructure have been destroyed. Entire cities have been heavily damaged.

"Together with the Ukrainian Red Cross and other Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement partners, the ICRC has massively increased its humanitarian operations since 24 February. The scale of the Movement response in Ukraine and neighboring countries is unprecedented."

Robert Mardini, ICRC Director-General

"For eight months, the armed conflict in Ukraine has brought insecurity, great suffering and hardship to the civilian population. I am proud that Vontobel will be making a contribution to the ICRC's emergency aid for the people affected by the armed conflict with our Fundraising Initiative."

Marko Röder, Head Client Unit Asset Management / Patron

Families in Ukraine are facing violence, fear, freezing temperatures and an uncertain future. The ICRC thanks you for your generous support to save and protect the lives of people affected by the conflict in Ukraine.