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Reuniting families torn apart by conflict

In war zones around the world, thousands of children are separated from their families.

Last year alone, thousands of families have been ripped apart by escalating violence in war torn countries like Syria, Iraq, South Sudan and Nigeria.

We work with colleagues from the Red Cross around the world to find missing relatives and reunite them with their families – wherever they are.

With your help, there is so much more we can do.

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Losing life and loved ones are the realities of war. Even in times of advanced technology, people still lose each other for years, without knowing whether family members are alive and well. Especially children can be left without the protection of their caretakers.

Every day, we delivered nearly 133 written or oral Red Cross Messages.
Every hour, the whereabouts of one missing person is clarified.
Every seven minutes, we enable a family to reconnect via phone, satellite or video call.

These activities are carried out in over 67 contexts of conflict. However, not every case could yet be solved, and daily, we receive more requests.


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Parents, children, siblings - they all deserve to know what has happened to their loved ones

"We all thought he was dead, so we arranged his funeral. I could break down in tears in the middle of the road because of the pain."

Gisma was separated from her brother during the fighting that broke out in South Sudan in 2016.
This year they were reunited.


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