How far would you
go to keep your child fed?

In conflict zones, food is scarce, and mothers and children need your help.

Parents like Aisha work tirelessly to put food on the table. Many of them work several jobs, sacrifice their meals so that their families can eat, and spend every penny that they earn to provide food for their children.


Watch Aisha’s story

“I work from sunrise to sunset to feed my children,” says Aisha. “It’s not enough.”

No family should have to go through this constant struggle alone - please give your support:


75 cents a day
will provide kitchen sets for families so they can cook their meals.


1CHF a day
will provide a family with monthly food parcels they can rely on.


1.50CHF a day
will fund grants so more mothers like Aisha can start businesses to help feed their children.


Aisha's daughters feel deeply sad when their mum goes without food just so they have enough to eat. You can be the lifeline families need to keep going.

Thank you.

Together we can make a difference

Watch Aisha’s story