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Donate to the ICRC

A regular donation enables us to rapidly swing into action in crisis situations and deliver aid where it is needed most. Thank you!

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Donate to Lebanon

The horrific explosion in Beirut has caused dramatic loss of life, countless injuries, widespread destruction across the city and has left people in need of medical help, shelter and assistance in locating their loved ones. The city and people are shaken to the core.

The ICRC is on the ground, working alongside the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) and other Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) partners. We're supporting hospitals with much-needed emergency medical supplies and treating the wounded, we're helping families trace their loved ones, we're making sure that the dead are identified and treated with dignity, and we're fixing damaged water infrastructure. We are following the situation closely and will be providing more support as needed, working closely with the LRC and other RCRC partners to ensure a coordinated response.

Men, women and children will continue to feel the aftershock of the explosion long after the initial blast. The ICRC has stood with the Lebanese people since 1967 and we will continue to work tirelessly to support them through this crisis.

Lebanon cannot be left to deal with this alone. Please donate today.