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Help us to support families and communities affected by armed conflict or by natural disaster in conflict regions all over the world.

The Friends of the ICRC are a group of individuals with a personal commitment to our work.

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If you wish to make a gift you can increase our capacity to help people affected by conflict. Your donation could help us provide security, basic food and emergency medical care where it is needed most.

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Take your commitment to helping victims of war and other situations of violence worldwide to a new level.

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For over 150 years, the ICRC has worked with the private sector, with governments and other parties to help people affected by conflict or armed violence.

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Your donation will help us to support families and communities affected by armed conflict or by natural disaster in conflict regions all over the world.

90 francs
can feed a vulnerable family, who have fled from conflict, for two months.
150 francs
can provide a community with 80 jerry cans to store and transport vital fresh water.
500 francs
can provide temporary shelter for 40 families displaced by conflict.

For many, football is not just a sport. It is passion, it is life, it is religion. And for some others, like Mohammad Musa, Masoud Hamidi and Nangyali, it is a new lease on life. Having lost one or both their limbs to a landmine, football has been an integral part of their physical, mental and social rehabilitation. From learning to walk again to scoring their first goal with their new leg – with the help of the ICRC and UEFA.

Find the answers to your questions about tax, how to donate and contacting us.

  • Is my donation to the ICRC tax-deductible?

    If you pay tax in Switzerland, you may be able to deduct donations to the ICRC. The annual minimum and the amount of reduction vary from canton to canton.

    The ICRC is a Swiss international organization, so if you do not pay tax in Switzerland your donation to the ICRC will probably not be tax-deductible. That is the case, for instance, if you pay taxes in Australia, France, the United Kingdom or the United States. Those countries do not allow their taxpayers to offset donations to foreign organizations against tax. If you pay tax in another country, please contact the tax authorities for further information.

  • Can I use the ICRC logo on my website/on other materials related to my fundraising campaign?

    The use of the ICRC logo is always a little complicated. It is very important that our emblem continue to serve its primary purpose, which is to be a visible manifestation – in situations of armed conflict – of the protection provided by the Geneva Conventions.

    For that reason, you can only use our logo on your website (or anywhere else, including on printed matter, clothing, etc.) if you have our express permission in writing. To avoid any misunderstandings, please inform us of your intentions in advance, submitting a brief description of your project. If no agreement has been set up between us, we reserve the right to demand that you immediately remove our logo from your website.

    For more information, please see our Guidelines on the use of the Red Cross emblem and the name and logo of the ICRC for fundraising purposes.

  • How can I be certain that my online payment is safe?

    The ICRC takes great care to keep the details you provide for credit card payments confidential (see our Privacy policy). We use Saferpay, an online payment system which ensures an optimum level of security. To prevent fraud, your data are encrypted and then transmitted automatically and directly to the credit card issuer, who processes the payment. The padlock symbol at the top of your web browser shows that you are in secure mode.

    If you prefer, you can also make your donation by bank transfer or cheque.

If you have any questions about making a donation to the ICRC or the work we do, then please contact us on +41 22 730 21 71 or click below.

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