Join the ICRC and help protect lives and dignity

At the ICRC, we offer employees the opportunity to work in diverse teams around the world, using their skills to make a genuine difference.

Caption : Concepción, Tacuatí Poty. The ICRC, in cooperation with the Paraguayan Red Cross, provides materials to develop family-allotments.

Different ways to join the ICRC

Resident employees

These are employees whose contracts are signed with a national or regional delegation and governed by domestic law. Resident employees work in a set location in a specific country or region, which may be their country of nationality. They comprise about two-thirds of the ICRC’s workforce.

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Mobile employees

These are employees whose contracts are signed with the ICRC’s headquarters in Geneva and then sent on field assignments. Mobile employees can work in any country where there is an operational need except their country of nationality. They typically change country for each new assignment, each of which usually lasts around 12 months.

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Headquarters employees

Employees working at our headquarters in Geneva hold contracts governed by Swiss law. They support the work of our employees in countries around the world. There are around 1,000 employees at headquarters, carrying out more than 160 different roles.

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The ICRC offers students and young professionals opportunities within a variety of departments at our headquarters in Geneva or, in a few cases, at our diplomatic delegations around the world. Each year, nearly 80 associates (i.e. interns), join our teams to develop their expertise and benefit from an enriching professional experience in the world’s leading humanitarian organization. 

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Diversity and inclusion

We work in multidisciplinary teams that bring together employees from around the world and locally hired talent. We look for professionals who are highly motivated and committed to doing impactful humanitarian work: providing assistance to people affected by armed conflict and other violence.

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Stories from our colleagues

You will probably work with people who have been at the ICRC for longer than you have been alive, and others who are new to the organization like you – and everyone has a lot to offer.

Juliana Severe Communications Associate for Learning and Development, Geneva

Embracing diversity is also crucial to a successful career with the ICRC. You need to learn how to work with a wide range of people and be culturally sensitive to thrive in such a diverse workplace.

Reem Al Shawa Movement Cooperation Officer, Gaza, occupied Palestine territory

It’s incredibly rewarding to know that my work in ICT supports staff in fulfilling the mission of helping and protecting victims of armed conflict and violence. I’m part of an organization that helps make the world a better place.

Anne Njuguna Information and Communication Technologies Service Manager, Nairobi, Kenya

The ICRC is an organization that will make you discover different facets of your profession, which can awaken a sleeping passion in you.

Abdoulaye Gonde Veterinarian, Niger

Frequently asked questions

  • The ICRC recruits professionals from a very wide range of backgrounds. Our staff includes everyone from humanitarian aid workers, interpreters and engineers to surgeons, agronomists and bomb-disposal experts. Please refer to our job openings to check specific requirements in terms of training, experience and language skills.

  • The process has different steps, depending on the position, but it normally goes like this:

    1. application
    2. screening of application
    3. language test (if a specific language is necessary)
    4. interview with HR
    5. technical interview/test.

    To have detailed information about each step, for mobile or headquarters positions, please check out our recruitment process page.

  • On top of a competitive salary, we offer generous benefits, such as excellent health insurance cover and accommodation while on assignment. (Please note that you may have to pay income tax in your home country.)

    There is an integration course at the beginning of your contract to help you find your feet, and we provide many opportunities for you to develop professionally in management and specialized fields.

    To get more details on this topic, please check out our compensation and benefits page.


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