Frequently asked questions

Different ways to join the ICRC

  • These are employees whose contracts are signed with a national or regional delegation, in accordance with local legislation. The selected candidates work in a fixed location in a specific country or region, which may correspond to their country of nationality. They comprise of about 2/3 of the ICRC workforce. 

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  • These are employees whose contracts are signed with the headquarters in Geneva and can work in any country where there is an operational need other than their country of nationality. Employees on mobile contracts typically change countries with each new assignment, carrying out successive missions of approximately 12 months each. 

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  • Employees working at our headquarters in Geneva hold swiss-based contracts. The selected candidate(s) work in specific departments at the HQ supporting the activities carried out in our various countries of operation. They comprise of about 1000 employees in more than 160 different functions.

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  • The ICRC offers students and young professionals opportunities within a variety of departments at our headquarters in Geneva or, in a few cases, at our

    diplomatic delegations around the world. Each year, nearly 80 associates, join our teams to develop their expertise and benefit from an enriching professional experience in the world’s leading humanitarian organization. 

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  • ICRC’s process has different steps depending on the position. But normally they go as the below:

    1. Application
    2. Screening of Application
    3. Language tests (if a specific language is necessary)
    4. HR Interview
    5. Technical Interview/Test To have detailed information on each step, for Mobile positions or HQ positions, please check Our Recruitment Process page.
  • On top of a competitive salary, we offer generous benefits, such as excellent health insurance cover and accommodation while on assignment. (Please note that you may have to pay income tax in your home country.)

    There is an integration course at the beginning of your contract to help you find your feet, and we provide many opportunities for you to develop professionally in management and specialized fields. To get more details on this topic, please check our Compensation & Benefits page.

For traineeships in the ICRC

  • Everyone who is still studying at University or who has just recently graduated.

  • There is no specific period to apply. You need to check our website which is regularly updated. It is possible to register on a RSS flux.

  • We only offer traineeship in Switzerland at our headquarter in Geneva.

  • Professional travels outside of Switzerland are not authorized when being on a traineeship position.

  • It is possible to apply on positions at headquarters or in the field directly after the traineeship. It depends on job openings and whether you fit the criteria for the position you are applying to.

  • No. Traineeships are usually at a fixed work percentage of 100%.

  • Yes, traineeships are usually remunerated. The salary is determined by a pay scale set by HR and varies according to whether trainees have completed their studies or not.

  • Expenses that incurred for taking up a traineeship position (travel, visa, insurance, etc.) will not be reimbursed by the ICRC.

  • No, the ICRC is not in a position to help you find accommodation for your assignment in Geneva. However, you will receive a Welcome guide which will help you in your search for accommodation as well as for other administrative processes. ICRC will participate to your health insurance and to your public transportation card.