• Is my donation to the ICRC tax-deductible?

    If you pay tax in Switzerland, you may be able to deduct donations to the ICRC. The annual minimum and the amount of reduction vary from canton to canton.

    The ICRC is a Swiss international organization, so if you do not pay tax in Switzerland your donation to the ICRC will probably not be tax-deductible. That is the case, for instance, if you pay taxes in Australia, France, the United Kingdom or the United States. Those countries do not allow their taxpayers to offset donations to foreign organizations against tax. If you pay tax in another country, please contact the tax authorities for further information.

  • Will I receive a receipt that I can submit to the tax authorities?

    If you pay tax in Switzerland and donate at least 20 francs online or via bank/postal transfer, we will automatically send you a receipt that you can submit to the authorities. You should receive this document in February. If you do not get a receipt or if the amount is incorrect, please contact us.

    If you do not pay tax in Switzerland, we will send you a receipt for tax purposes if you ask for one. However, there is no guarantee that your tax authorities will allow you to offset your donation against tax (see above). If you have made your donation online, the tax authorities may well accept the acknowledgement e-mail as proof of your donation.

  • Tax deduction for companies

    Companies are subject to the same rules as individuals.

If you have any questions about making a donation to the ICRC or the work we do, then please contact us on +41 22 730 21 71 or email donation@icrc.org.

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