Working for the ICRC

Welcome to the ICRC's career page! We hire professional staff with a strong humanitarian motivation for roles in over 80 countries to help people affected by armed conflict and other violence. Below is a selection of our activities and the main areas in which we hire people on a Geneva-based contract. For opportunities to work on a local contract, please refer to the relevant country page. We also offer jobs and traineeships at our headquarters in Geneva. We do not offer volunteer positions.

How can I join the ICRC?

Thank you for your interest in joining our team of humanitarian workers! 

We recruit two kinds of staff: resident and mobile. Resident field staff are hired on local contracts to work in a specific position in a specific country.

By contrast, mobile field staff are hired on a Geneva-based contract and can be deployed to work in any country where there is a need. Mobile field staff typically change country with each new assignment. Please note that mobile field staff cannot be assigned to a country of which they are nationals.

We also have job opportunities for mobile and resident positions at our headquarters in Geneva. All traineeships opportunities are based at headquarters.

Where can I find all the current job openings?

All current job openings for mobile field staff and positions at headquarters will be accessible from our job portal. For resident field staff, please go to your country page on our website and scroll down to the Job Opportunities section (e.g. Where we work > Iraq).

Working for the ICRC is not like working anywhere else. Humanitarian work truly changes lives.

How can I discuss my profile with your Human Resources team?

There are many opportunities to meet us and see how your skills, experience and humanitarianism could make you a perfect fit for a career at the ICRC: face-to-face at job fairs, online job fairs, webinars and live posts, presentations and workshops at your university. All current and future events are advertised on this page. Do check our job openings first and come prepared with questions.


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