Commentaire des Protocoles additionnels du 8 juin 1977 aux Conventions de Genève du 12 août 1949

A number of legal experts took part in this collective work, written with the collaboration of Jean Pictet.\r\nFor the section on Protocol I relative to international armed conflicts: Claude Pilloud, Jean de Preux, Bruno Zimmermann, Philippe Eberlin, Hans-Peter Gasser and Claude Wenger. For the section on Annex I to Protocol I (Regulations concerning identification): P. Eberlin. For the section on Protocol II relative to non-international armed conflicts: Sylvie-Stoyanka Junod.\r\nThe aim of this Commentary is to explain the Protocols on the basis of their text and the travaux préparatoires, and in the light of international humanitarian law, international law in general and Red Cross and Red Crescent principles. The Commentary is a useful working tool for all those directly concerned with the application of these two treaties of international humanitarian law.