Bruges Colloquium

Bruges Colloquium

The ICRC Brussels delegation and the College of Europe have jointly organized the Bruges Colloquium on International Humanitarian Law every year since 2000 as part of their work with the European Union and NATO.

The Bruges Colloquium brings together experts from governments, international organizations and armed forces, along with academics from various universities, to discuss a specific issue related to IHL.

You can find the proceedings of past colloquiums:

The 20th Colloquium will take place in Bruges on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 October 2019. The programme enclosed to this invitation will provide you with an overview of the topics covered. It includes discussions on the increasing complexity of armed conflicts due to the different actors involved, on the use of new technologies as a means or methods of warfare, as well as on the protection of the natural environment during armed conflicts. Furthermore, the urbanisation of warfare will be discussed. In addition, two panels will respectively address the legal challenges of foreign fighters and their families and will give an operational perspective on support relationship in armed conflicts.

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