Missing persons on the territory of former Yugoslavia

25-04-2008 Field Newsletter

The families of more than 17,000 persons who went missing as a result of the past decade's conflicts in former Yugoslavia are still waiting for news on their missing relatives. They have the right to know the fate of their loved ones. It is the responsibility of the authorities to address this fundamental right of the families by releasing official information on the whereabouts of people unaccounted for. Only answers can put an end to, or at least alleviate, the suffering of the families.



As a result of the conflicts on the territory of Former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, a total of

  34,325 persons  

were reported missing to the ICRC.

Thanks to the efforts of relevant authorities and both national and international organisations, the fate of missing persons has been elucidated by either, finding them alive or through identification of human remains.

However, up to date,

  over 17,000 persons  

are still unaccounted for according to the ICRC data.

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