Cameroon: our action in 2023

In Cameroon, the ICRC deploys protection and assistance programs for people and communities affected by consequences of armed conflict and violence in the Far North, North-West and South-West regions, often in collaboration with the Cameroon Red Cross (CRC), its privileged operational partner.

In the Far North region, the ICRC has a sub-delegation in Maroua and an office in Kousseri. It has a sub-delegation in Buea in the South-West region and a subdelegation in Bamenda in the North-West region.

Here is an overview of the key facts and figures for the ICRC's work in Cameroon in 2023.

68 810 persople
171 744 patients
52 590 people
9438 people
78 000 people
1154 family members
21 places of detention
1042 people

To find out more about our work in Cameroon in 2023, take a look at our facts and figures.