Damage to ICRC warehouse in Mariupol

We can confirm that an image being circulated online shows damage to the ICRC warehouse in Mariupol. We do not have a team on the ground there, so have no other information on potential casualties or the extent of the damage.
News release 30 March 2022 Ukraine

We distributed all of the supplies from the warehouse earlier in March. This included medical supplies to hospitals and relief supplies to people living in shelters. No ICRC staff have been at the warehouse since 15 March, and we don't know how it's been used since. Despite the massive humanitarian needs in the city, we have been unable to bring in more supplies due to the intensity of the fighting and the absence of a functional agreement between the parties to allow for the safe passage of humanitarian assistance.

Under international humanitarian law, objects used for humanitarian relief operations must be respected and protected at all times. We are concerned that even a building with a red cross on it can be seriously damaged. Civilian infrastructure, hospitals and medical personnel cannot be targeted. The parties must do everything in their power to avoid locating military objectives within or near densely populated areas and protect civilians against the effects of attacks.

But what we are most outraged by is the overall humanitarian situation in Mariupol and the relentless suffering inflicted on civilians living there. People are trapped with no safe way out of the city, and they are running out of the very basics needed for their survival. This must change.


For further information, please contact:

Crystal Wells, ICRC Geneva, cwells@icrc.org
Elizabeth Shaw, ICRC Washington, eshaw@icrc.org