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Ethiopia Bulletin, January - December 2023

In Ethiopia, the humanitarian needs in areas affected by armed conflict and violence remained sadly enormous in 2023.
Article 14 February 2024 Ethiopia

During 2023, we sustained our efforts to deliver humanitarian assistance and protection to affected people in Tigray region after the end of the two-year conflict in November 2022. In Amhara region, we provided emergency medical and other aid to people who were affected by the conflict that started in August 2023. In Oromia, Somalia and Afar regions our humanitarian aid was delivered to the most vulnerable people in need.

The assistance included medical supplies and equipment, water and sanitation, and basic essential household items. By supporting 13 physical rehabilitation centres in the country, we provided physiotherapy and mobility services to 12,700 people with disabilities. We continued to visit detainees in places of detention to monitor their living conditions and treatment and to restore contact with their families where needed. Almost four million people in urban centres, rural areas and places of detention were provided with improved access to water and sanitation. Over 150,000 people in need who had access to markets were provided with multi-purpose cash assistance to meet their basic needs and help them recover, and over 2.2 million livestock were vaccinated to improve livelihoods.

Through dialogue and training, we promoted respect for International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law by the Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF) and other armed and security forces and groups to protect people affected by conflict and situations of violence.

missing people were found and reconnected with their families
Individuals benefitted from ICRC support to water supply
Persons provided with multi-purpose cash assistance.
Persons benefitted from food assistance.
Weapon wounded supported.
Army and Police Officers trained on basics of IHL and IHRL