Ethiopia: Providing assistance to vulnerable individuals in 2017

Facts and figures

03 April 2018
Ethiopia: Providing assistance to vulnerable individuals in 2017

In 2017, the ICRC worked to address the needs of vulnerable groups and individuals, partnering with national bodies in order to do so as effectively as possible. Attention to humanitarian affairs in Ethiopia was understandably focused on the response to internally displaced persons and drought.

Thousands of people living with disabilities benefited from devices provided through a network of centres supported by the ICRC. We assessed the living conditions of detention for tens of thousands of prisoners, and through our partnership with the Ethiopian Red Cross Society, helped refugees keep in touch with their families.

Highlights of our work in Ethiopia in 2017.

Visited nearly 50,000 detainees to assess their living conditions
 Provided 72,000 free phone calls to refugees and returnees to exchange news with their families
 Facilitated the repatriation of 890 Ethiopians from Eritrea
 Improved access to water and sanitation facilities for 34,500 detainees
 Distributed non-food items and shelter materials to nearly 164,000 displaced people
 Provided 6,500 people living with disabilities with access to physical rehabilitation services
 Facilitated IHL training for over 400 military personnel


For more information, read the full update of our work in Ethiopia.

2017 Facts and Figures, Ethiopia