CC BY-NC-ND/ ICRC / Sophio Elizbarashvili

Georgia: Our work in 2018 at a glance

Article 11 March 2019 Georgia

According to official figures, over 2,300 persons are still unaccounted for as a consequence of armed conflicts of the 1990's and August 2008.

In search for the missing people, 60 sites were excavated. As a result, 111 sets of human remains were exhumed, analysed and samples were sent to international laboratories for DNA analyses.

missing persons related to the conflict in Abkhazia were identified and handed over to their families.
medical evacuations organized across the administrative boundary line (ABL) ensuring access to adequate healthcare for 152 patients.
Red Cross Messages were exchanged between separated family members.
servicemen representing various levels of command, as well as soldiers participated in 16 IHL sessions.
officers of the Georgian Defence Forces were offered pre-deployment IHL training before joining the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan.
visits conducted to 8 different places of detention in order to assess the living conditions and treatment of detainees.