ICRC medical standards for departure on mission

12 May 2016

Most of ICRC missions are in remote locations, and any inability to be posted in remote areas will de facto preclude obtaining of a medical clearance.

All new employees to the ICRC must submit to a medical examination. The ICRC Senior Medical Advisor recommends that certain medical conditions (cardiac diseases, respiratory diseases, severe allergies, mental health issues, severe obesity, severe immuno-suppression, for example) are considered with special attention.

Indeed, in most contexts where the ICRC operates, necessary medical care may not be available, access to health care may be very limited or absent, and deployment in these conditions could endanger the lives of staff with these medical problems.

In addition, all vaccines recommended for travel and long stay abroad are considered as mandatory in ICRC, including a WHO-recognized vaccine against COVID-19

We recommend you check on attached list if you present a medical condition that could preclude your recruitment in ICRC.

ICRC medical standards for deployment - EN