Mandate for ICRC's president extended for third term

Peter Maurer will serve a third mandate as president of the International Committee of the Red Cross following a vote by the ICRC's governing body, the Assembly, on 28 November 2019.

The president expressed to the Assembly his unwavering commitment to ICRC's humanitarian mission, its staff and his determination, in the face of expanding pressures on the humanitarian system, to ensure ICRC continues to hear and respond effectively to communities affected by conflict and violence.

Mr. Maurer said he also remains dedicated to making progress on the key priorities of the institutional strategy, such as ensuring a sustainable humanitarian impact, building a partnership approach that responds to the broad range of people's needs, and supporting digital transformation.

He also singled out a further priority of growing ICRC's humanitarian diplomacy in support of field operations, especially in this moment where the international order is increasingly fragmented.

Mr Maurer's third mandate is extended through June 2024.

At the same session, Assembly Members Maya Hertig Randall, Laura Sadis and Béatrice Speiser were re-elected for an additional four-year mandate.

The session was chaired by Vice President Gilles Carbonnier, who congratulated the president and assembly members on their re-elections, saying the governance was well-positioned to steer the institution in its work to protect and assist people in today's complex humanitarian crises.

The re-elected Assembly Members will continue in their roles: Maya Hertig Randall as chair of the recruitment and remuneration committee and member of the data protection commission, Laura Sadis as a member of the audit commission, and Béatrice Speiser as a member of the Assembly Council.

For more information, please contact:

Ewan Watson, ICRC Geneva, +41 79 244 64 70